Some of your Questions:

Q. What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

You can open an account with Rs. 10,000/=.

Q.How can I open an account with Darson Securities Online?

You can download online form at or you can leave your contact information at our website and our representative will get back in touch with you soon.

Q. What are your commission and fees for Online Stock Trading?

Darson Securities Limited offers the most competitive rates in the industry; minimum commission is 3.5 paisa per share or 0.15% of Transaction Value whichever is higher.

Q. How long will it take to open an account?

Subject to fulfillment of proper documentation, the account will be opened within three working days.

Q.Which documents will be needed to open an online account?

The list of documents needed to open an account is:

  • Account Opening forms duly filled and signed
  • Copies of CNIC of applicants and nominee
  • Cheque for minimum payment in favor of Darson Securities Limited
  • Proof of employment/ business
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Zakat Declaration Form on stamp paper of Rs.50/- (Optional)

Non-Resident/Foreigners shall submit the documents duly attested by either notary public or Consul General of Pakistan having jurisdiction over the Applicant(s).

Q. Is there help available to understand the trading system?

Yes, we have included a demo on our website to assist you. In addition, our customer support officers are available from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). You may also send your queries at during off hours and you will get our response within 24 hours depending upon the nature of your query.

Q. How can I submit funds for online trading?

You can submit a cheque; Demand Draft (DD) or Pay Order (PO) in favor of ‘Darson Securities Ltd.’ along with the account opening forms. As a policy, we do not accept any cash. You can also deposit cross cheque or transfer funds using internet banking directly in any of the following banks.

  • Habib Bank Limited
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited
  • JS Bank Limited
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Meezan Bank Limited
  • Bank Islami

It is important to note that as per PSX regulations, we cannot accept third party cheques

Q.Can I open an account with shares/securities?

Yes! You can open your account with shares, both Physical or in CDC With a minimum payment of Rs. 5,000/-

Q. Can I have a demonstration of the software?

Yes! Please visit Installation Guide for the user manual.

Q. Do you have a direct number for trading related calls?

Yes! Our numbers are 021-32468920 – 24 | UAN: 021-111-900-400

Q. Do you provide trader assistance?

Yes, trader assistance is also available at a different commission structure.

Q. Do you provide MFS and MTS?

Yes, MFS and MTS facilities are given to trader based accounts only after signing the agreements.

Q. At what time can I place my orders?

You can place regular orders five days a week from Monday to Thursday (9.30 AM To 3.30 PM) and Friday (9.15 AM to 12.00 PM / 2.15 PM to 4.30 PM) during market hours, orders can also be placed by calling our customer support from Monday to Friday.

Q. How do I transfer my account from another broker to Darson Securities?

To transfer your account to Darson Securities, you must first apply for account opening. Account opening forms are available at
Once the relevant documentation is complete, you can ask your existing broker to transfer your equity/shares to us. Please call our Help Desk at 021-32468920 – 24 | UAN: 021-111-900-400 for further details.

Q.How do you notify clients about their order executions?

Customers may view their order status directly by logging on to their online trading accounts or we send them the order confirmation through email and SMS containing details about their executed transactions.

Q. If I call in to place an order, does my regular commission apply?

We do not charge an extra fee to execute an order for you over the phone.

Q. How the orders are accepted, processed, settled and cleared via the internet?

There are various ways to place an order, you may use your Trading Terminal, Mobile trading. Whenever you will place order through online trading system, the message board view window shows the time and details of the order placement, cancellation and execution. We also show the status of order placement through pending order, update of custody balance in case of execution and cash balance accordingly. You can also view the details of outstanding orders as well executed transaction through your terminal.

Q.Is there any Alternate way order placement, in case of non-availability of systems?

In case of non-availability of internet connection or Terminals you can call us at 021-32468920 – 24 |
UAN: 021-111-900-400

Q. Can I cancel my outstanding (unexecuted) orders?

Yes, you may cancel your outstanding order through your All Trading channels (Software, Mobile) or you can call us at 021-32468920 – 24 | UAN: 021-111-900-400. Our representative will cancel order on your request after some formal verification. In case of non- availability of the system we will use our master KATS terminal for cancellation of orders.

Q.Is there a restriction to place any particular type of Order?

No, there is no restriction to place any particular type of Order.

Q.Can my account be refused to open?

Yes, Darson Securities reserves the right to refuse any account without assigning any reason.